Chronic Wellness Interviews

Tom Pinkson, Ph. D


Tom Pinkson, Ph. D Talking with Tomas is like stepping into the private office of a true master walking the earth.  I am so thankful to call Tom a mentor, and am continually in awe of the way he walks in this world and the power of his word and work. In this Shift chat [...]

Tom Pinkson, Ph. D2017-01-28T09:43:42+00:00

Claire Hayes


Clair Hayes EFT is the trendy new kid on the wellness scene.  Everyone is talking about it, big stars are singing its praises and books and youTube videos are becoming hugely popular.  All for good reason.  EFT has been a surprising and powerful component of my healing and transformative journey and I am so honored [...]

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Desiree East


Desiree East The first time I met Desiree I was utterly struck by her energy. She is a petite powerhouse of vibrant light with the most delightfully deep roots. Deeply connected to nature, an avid surfer and plant lover, Desiree emanates joy and love.  This Shift Series interview takes us into the world of transformation [...]

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Kyle McHargue


Kyle McHargue This is so much more than a chat about Essential Oils.  Talking with Kyle McHargue (that's Har-G ;-)  is always a treat.  Kyle exudes a light and hope and optimism that is infectious. When I first heard his story of overcoming life-long depression with essential oils, and how that catalyzed an entire LIFE [...]

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Kathleen Bloom


Kathleen Bloom One of my favorite “jobs” as a steward of Chronic Wellness is introducing you to amazing experts in their field. Kathleen Bloom is one of those experts: she is like a sister, best friend, and intuitive powerhouse all wrapped into one. I’ve been working with Kathleen personally and am honored to have her [...]

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Joanne Cohen


Joanne Cohen The are few who embody the divine feminine so fully as Joanne.  Through her work, her mentoring and her healing practice she touches women who are ready for deep change - and helps them bring that change forward in their lives with ease, grace, beauty, and power.  Learn about tips for presence to [...]

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Toni Bernhard


Toni Bernhard Toni Bernhard is the author of the award-winning How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. Her new book is titled How to Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow. Until forced to retire due to illness, Toni was a law professor and served as dean of [...]

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Elena Lipson


Elena Lipson Elena Lipson is a Divine Self-Care Mentor who helps conscious mamas take care of their most important asset: Themselves! Women work so hard in their businesses and in their lives as mothers, friends, wives, etc. But what is it all worth if they are too tired, sick and stressed-out to enjoy it? That’s [...]

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Ashley Williams


Ashley Williams Ashley is ushering in a new generation of wellness beyond green smoothies and juice. After her own early diagnosis with chronic illness, she navigated her way to recovery through traditional holistic treatments and diet. Ashley attributes her healing in part to tracking ("that's how you see what is causing the problems and what [...]

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Sharon Otness Foot


Sharon Otness Foot In this interview we explore how Sharon helps people increase their vitality and get the most out of their life. A Fully Vital Life Q: Tell us a little about yourself I have always been involved in the creative fields. First fashion both in merchandising and the agency side booking models. That [...]

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