Part of creating a full rich abundant life is about getting clear on what you want – how you want to live and feel to be in alignment with your values, heart and calling…right?  But close on the heels of that clarity and intention are “receiving” – because all the blessings in the world can flow your way – but if you aren’t in the habit of claiming them (and giving thanks to invite more coming your way!) then you are left in a constant cycle of grasping or reaching.

The more you start to open to receiving – the more you become aware that receiving is part of a “calling in” process. Of drawing TO you the blessings in your path – not just your pursuit of them.  This “drawing to you” – it’s an attraction process.  So many people out there talking about “The Law of Attraction” and how to make your dreams come true but they are overlooking a key natural component of the attraction process.

Kitty Cavalier has made it her life’s work to expose this practice – she calls it the “Sacred Art of Seduction.”  The word “seduction” has been burdened with so much baggage that for many of us it may sound like something reserved only for a romantic partner or lover. If that.  But seduction can be so much more when unburdened from that baggage.  It’s an energy, a vibration, a ‘way’ of engaging in the every day that has the glorious effect of calling goodness IN to us.

Kitty has been featured in the Daily Love (and our very own Shift Series) and Is one of my “go to girls” for out of the box thinking on wellness and full circle living.  She has a new book coming out that I CANNOT wait to get my  hands on – in the meantime. I’m thrilled to share her article here and honored to have her in the Full Circle tribe.


Desire over doubt. Feeling over logic.

Kitty-Cavalier_Post-_1_588When I was a kid I wanted to be a nurse, a veterinarian or a nun. Seduction teacher was not an available chosen profession, yet that is my job title now. Full time seductress, Yep. That’s me.

Before I go into the story of how I made this journey, I want to clarify what I mean when I say seduction because there is so much misunderstanding about the word seduction and it’s intention.

We are taught that seduction is a form of manipulation, a bag of tricks designed to hypnotize another person into fulfilling your wishes no matter the cost. When I ask my students what they were taught about seduction as a child the most common answer is “nothing”. But it may interest you to know that seduction is actually the basis of the first story some of us are ever told: the story of Adam and Eve. In this story the serpent plays the great seducer, luring Eve into plucking the apple from the tree. When Eve’s appetite for adventure leads her to invite Adam to take a bite, all hell breaks loose. Eve is blamed for her stupidity and Adam for his weakness. And now we are all damned to a life of suffering for the rest of time. Thanks Seduction!

But let’s broaden our lens a little. When we look at that moment of Eve deciding to say yes to plucking the apple, was she being stupid? Or was she just open? Was Adam doing anything wrong when he chose to listen to a voice within himself rather than a voice outside of himself?

Desire over doubt. Feeling over logic. This is the true nature of seduction, and in my opinion, it is exactly what this restless world is longing for.

It is no secret that there is a new consciousness that is arising on the planet. (High five, fist bump!) A consciousness of community rather than competition, compassion over force, feeling things out rather than just thinking them through.

In this consciousness there is a trend emerging: we are all starting to get hip to the jive that the things we were taught to renounce and fear are often where our greatest power and freedom lie. Such is true with seduction when we use it as a spiritual practice, or what I like to call sacred seduction. What makes sacred seduction different is that it is attraction through authenticity. It is the act of trusting the desires that arise from your soul rather than trying to force the ones that stem from the ego.

For example, let’s say you find a job that is everything you have ever wanted in terms of salary, perks, benefits, etc. But there is a voice inside of you that is screaming that something is not right. You can feel the sensation of “don’t work here” in your body and bones with no logical explanation why. In this case you are in a bit of a pickle. The job may look great but it is simply not seducing you fully. So what do you do?

First, let’s just clarify that there is no right or wrong course of action here. Seduction is not a foolproof way to make the “right” decision every time.

What it gives us is an opening to the possibility of our inner knowing being the wisest part of us regardless of how things might look on the outside.

When we are willing to trust feeling over logic, desire over rationale, it leaves room for enormous miracles. Miracles whose depth and breadth our human minds sometimes have not even thought to want.

Often when I present this to people they say “well then what’s to keep me from sitting around eating bon-bons and watching Homeland reruns every day it that is what is ‘seducing’ me?” To this I would respond that true seduction is based on instincts rather than impulses. Do bon-bons and Homeland make you feel really, really awesome? Then I say do it for as along as it feels really, really awesome. But there will come a time when your belly gets full and the season is over. Or maybe the bon-bons are not what you really want; it’s just that they are the easiest option. Maybe what is really seducing you is going for a run or taking a nap. Maybe it is finally crossing something off your to do list that has been weighing on you for weeks. Whatever it is, I encourage you to listen really, really closely to what is seducing you in the moment. Impulses lead us to numb out; instincts help us to tap in.

Also keep in mind; seduction is fluid, not fixed. It is a force, not a formula. What seduces you in this moment might be completely from what seduces you a day, an hour or even a minute from now.

Seduction is not evil or manipulative.  It is just yet another pathway to becoming present, going within and surrendering to the Uni-verse. Seduction is a spiritual practice.  (Who knew???)

Tell me in your comments: what were you taught about seduction in your life? How does this new approach make you feel about it? Do you feel inspired? Confused? Angry? All three? Inquiring Cavalier’s are dying to know.