Joanne Ameya Cohen has opened the doors to her transformation program “Cycles of Wisdom.” It is a program that helps women uncover the root cause of their health challenges and release them so they can return to full and vibrant health. In this chat Joanne and I touch on the importance of building our intuition for healing, and she also shares some holistic approaches to two of the most common women’s and hormonal health challenges – UTI’s (or bladder infections – no fun!) and Night Sweats.

Her Herbal Protocol for UTI’s

  • Chronic health issues make me super curious. What is your body telling you? Why is she out of balance? As I said earlier, creating a band aid effect, even if using natural remedies, is not helpful. As women, we are so busy that we often don’t deal with an issue until it is really intruding on our health or life. UTI means that something within the feminine is out of balance.
  • If this is a chronic issue (comes and goes repeatedly), there is something at the root. It can be heavy metal toxicity, dormant virus, past trauma, suppressed emotions. This is something we can in depth into in Module 3 of “My Cycles of Wisdom” program.
  • Herbs like uva ursi and marshamallow are amazing. When it is acute, you have to be very consistent with the herbs and use much more frequently than how you use herbs preventatively.
  • Alternate between one glass water and one glass unsweetened cranberry juice every hour. Echinacea tincture every 30-60 min. Uva ursi and marshmallow tea every hour. Vita C every hour.
  • And then work with a mentor on what could be the underlying issue…

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