Being in the presence of a spiritual leader who truly walks his talk has a way of making all the little stuff fall away.  Any petty thoughts or grievances dissipate and it feels like truth enters the room in profound and sometimes intense new ways.

Tomas Pinkson is just such a leader and his words carry the vibration of not only “truth” but utter unconditional love.  Tomas has been there for the best and the worst of the human condition and has made it his life’s journey to assist in the healing and transformation of lives through connection and gratitude.  Tomas’ Shift Interview was one of the most transformative we’ve hosted to date (you can watch it here) where he shares his personal practices for gratitude and daily core routines.

In his words below you will find honoring for the seasons, as well as a reminder that we are all connected in this web of life – and the beauty and power of that awareness.

In gratitude,

Connection and Gratitude

King TomHola Relatives – Summer is soon upon us, opportunity for greater attunement and alignment with the life-giving Light that pours forth from Father Sun.  What do you seek to have grown in your life with the warmth of that power?

The longest day of the year on the Summer Solstice is a turning of the Great Medicine Wheel of Cosmic Cycles from the rhythms of spring into longer times of daylight and hopefully delight as we open to the wisdom guidance and power of healthy growth.

At this challenging time of the Great Turning evolution is pushing us to see, own and honor the deepest truth of our being, who we are, what we are and why we are here.  The old fear-based and illusionary perception that we are solid objects separated from one another and the earth and all its inhabitants has been proven false by the high gods of western science – quantum physicists.  Truly we are all intermeshed in an invisible web of relationship in which there is no such thing as a separate thing.  The “new” story from science aligns with ancient wisdom traditions and indigenous understanding of how the universe actually works – what we give to another, to the earth, to our ancestors, we give to ourselves, our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

It’s all about relationship, the web we weave so fine.  It’s is all about relationship, the love we have to shine (vision quest chant from long ago).  The mysterious and wondrous world we are privileged to live in brings us life-affirming gifts from each direction that surrounds us where ever we go, where we are.  Gifts from below where we stand, gifts that come from above us as we gaze into the heavens.  All these gifts are simultaneously wisdom teachings, power, and healing medicine along with testings, teachings and responsibilities.  All comes from and radiates out from  a cosmic center that is Everywhere, including in our very own center of our being.

Our task in this life is to wake up to the truth of our deepest being and our interconnection with all that is, all that has been, all that will be and to use the time we are given to do our part to bring through fullest blossoming and greatest good for all.  Each direction of the Medicine Wheel of Creation offers its being to help us in this endeavor.  We are not along, we have help.  We are One.

May the Blessings of the Summer Season of Greatest Light illuminate our consciousness to live and honor ourselves and our fellow participants in the dance of ongoing birthing, living, dying and re-birthing Dance Of Universal Life as Sacred, Worthy, Luminous Being of Love which is For Giving.

All Blessings. Tomás