Lindsay-Pera-_-fieldSo you are looking for change, for something better in your life, more purpose, better health, financial ease, time, love, meaning. Of course you know you’re already perfect, all the great coaches, spiritual leaders, and gurus tell you that. You are already perfect. Just the way you are.


If you’re like me, you probably think, well, there must be different levels of perfect, cause this just doesn’t feel like it — know what I mean?

Without getting too philosophical here, let’s just cut to the chase. Okay, I’m not actually willing to challenge all those high falutin’ spiritual experts and say that I’m not perfect. At some deep, carefully protected level, I really hope I am and I don’t want to screw it up. So I take a practical approach:

Okay, so I’m perfect. Now what?

Does this mean I don’t need to change anything?


Does this mean that I’m happy?

Not necessarily.

Does this mean that there is nothing for me to learn?


What it means is that we need to shift to align more with, and better appreciate our perfection: to feel it.

I don’t need to change to become some different, perfect person. I need to become more myself — my perfect self. That self that I can really get into loving.


THAT is what this whole project is about. How can we all become more ourselves? How can we begin to align with and inhabit our perfection?

The Truth:

1. I don’t have answers — frankly, I doubt that there are “answers” or that we are even asking the right questions.

2. I’m on this journey here with you. Sometimes, things can get pretty ugly around here. Sometimes they are light. Most of the time it’s just me, trying to show up authentically and get things done: I call it chopping wood and carrying water (borrowed from an old zen teaching).

3. What wisdom I have managed to pick up over the years comes from others, my teachers whether they knew it or not — whether I knew it or not — whether I was “ready” for it or not!

4. It’s all about love. Really. Okay I actually do know the answer, but we still need to work on those questions.

5. If you are serious about shifting, it’s going to be hard, really, really hard. But you already know you are on the ride, right? Or you wouldn’t be reading this. So, what choice do you have, really?

6. People forget. And by people I mean me and you. Forgetting lets us stay in those patterns that aren’t serving us. Forgetting means we can postpone making the hard choices. So I track. I use my App but you can use whatever works for you, a journal, a calendar, your mirror. By tracking, I am outwardly aligning to my choices. I become accountable to myself. It doesn’t mean that I’m always going to make good choices. I don’t. But tracking makes my choices conscious and gives me the option of choosing well.

7. Life is happening. Right now. You choose whether to receive it, to live it…Right NOW!

Yeah, but HOW?

Buddha_BeipuOne big advantage of not actually being the Buddha is that I can totally relate to this question. If I was able to ask Buddha (have I told you how much I have been loving doing “the Shift Interviews?)…I’m guessing he would answer by inviting us to “be present.” But easier said than done, right?

And since we don’t have access to Buddha, I’ve applied a lot of research and inquiry into this question — and I apply my practicality to it. The core concept that I base everything else upon is also the source of our name: Full Circle Wellness. For what I’ve learned is that, to really create a shift for ourselves, to align with our pre-existing perfection, we can’t just address those “pain points” that attract our attention and thought. It’s not enough to just lose the weight, fall in love, succeed in business, or create the perfect enchilada — we have to look at our whole selves.

life circleImagine yourself represented as a circle. (This is a common exercise that has its roots in traditional cultures and is now widely implemented in psychology programs everywhere.) Now draw lines from the center out, like spokes of a wheel, one for each aspect of your life: love, work, health, soul, home, creativity, etc. When you’re done, you’ve made your self a life-wheel. (By-the-by, we’re making this into an App, can’t wait to show you!)

Now, looking at those “spokes,” rate yourself on each. Give it a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being highest. How are you doing in each category? Place a mark at that spot. Then connect the marks. What does your “life-circle” look like? Would it roll?

The first goal is to get that “life-circle” as round as possible. Get it in balance. My mission is to bring you (and me) practical, valuable advice and information from leaders throughout the wellness world so we can help ourselves get into balance…and then start expanding our circles’ radii.

What happens through this practice is to some extent unexplainable, and at the same time, totally expected. We become more ourselves.