Sabrina Bolin

From the first moment I heard Sabrina’s voice in a private session months ago – I knew she was one of a kind.  I feel honored to have her as a guest for the Shift Series and sharing with us her incredible light, innate calm, and divine unconditional love.  Sabrina’s work blends energetics, theta healing and hypnotherapy to help release trauma, pain and blocks. And what is so beautiful about her approach is that you don’t have to *know* what needs to be cleared – you just relax into the meditative quality of her voice and are guided to wellness.  Thrilled to introduce you to Sabrina Bolin…enjoy.

Lindsay and Sabrina talk about intuition.


Q. Tell us a little about yourself

I am an intuitive coach and hypnotherapist who believe world peace begins with inner peace. I guide my clients to that space of peace by teaching them how to listen to their intuition and make choices from that guided space. I also believe that everything is energy and that “stuck” energy from overwhelm and anxiety can become the fuel for inspired action.

Q. Tell us about your path to creating your business and your vision

I am a former overachiever who used to be so focused on external measures of success that I completely lost touch with what truly felt right for me. After college (where I worked so hard to graduate with honors that I almost completely missed out on a dating or social life), I started to experience the beginnings of what I know see where panic attacks – overwhelming thoughts and shortness of breath that I just couldn’t shake.
Being unconventional, I sought help from a hypnotherapist – literally asking her to help me heal my “perfectionism.” After just a few sessions with her, I was blown away by the power of my own mind and for the first time since my childhood I felt reconnected to that still small voice of my intuition.  

This voice guided me from a secure job to a journey as an actress, and then again from that life as an actress to my role as a coach, healer, and guide.
It is now my vision to bring these powerful tools to women who are energetically stuck where I was – in the “should” cycle of their mind, and show them a new way of being that connects them more deeply to what they really want in life.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your philosophy on wellness:

I approach wellness from the mind, body, and soul and believe you cannot be balanced with one if you are imbalanced in the other two areas. The key for me to balance these is to simply have an awareness of what I need each day, and allowing that to change organically as my energy changes. Some days my body requires more attention, and a good sweat can positively impact my mind and soul as well. Others are days where I really allow my mind to be the focus, to ensure it’s as healthy as possible by focusing my thoughts on what I’m creating (and taking the focus off of what I don’t want to attract more of in my life). A focus on my soul’s health is always simmering under the surface, and I honor this by asking my intuition to guide me every single day.

Q. What was the catalyst in your life to fuel your commitment to wellness?

The catalyst to explore my overall well-being was the turning point I shared above – that shortness of breath that I couldn’t seem to get a grip on. However, what really prompted me to make a commitment to my own wellness was noticing how, even though my practices would bring me “up,” I would still “fall hard” when things weren’t going well. So a need for more balance in my life – to bounce back with more ease and grace – is truly what prompted my journey to create a lifestyle of wellness.

Q. How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

As I mentioned above, I approach my health from the mind, body, and soul level, and there are varying practices I embrace in order to stay healthy, resilient, and vibrant. My mind runs a mile a minute, so I have a daily meditation practice that trains it to slow down for just a bit so that I can give myself clarity on all that I’m juggling in life. I treat my body to fresh, clean food, and I treat all of my senses with a weekly visit to my local Farmers Market where I stock up on local and organic goodies. I also aim to move my body 2-3 times a week in addition to my daily walks with my dogs – yoga, hikes, kettle bells, jogging – I’m a big fan of moving my body in nature because that feeds into the health of my soul as well. Another way I focus on my soul’s health is through my own intuitive and reflective practices – I write a daily gratitude list, and I also journal twice a month (at the new moon and full moon) to really allow my truest self to express and be heard.

Q. If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

Daily meditation – no matter what it looks like for you – will change your life in so many ways. For clients who are just starting these practices, I always invite them to start simply – as little as 5 minutes a day can make all the difference.

Q. What is your favorite inspirational quote for wellness / awesomeness / thrival?

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
~ Rumi

Sabrina Bolin is an Intuitive Coach and Hypnotherapist who works with overwhelmed over-achievers stuck in the “should cycle” of their minds, guiding them to follow their inner guidance loud and clear so that they can make better decisions in their lives.