Tools for all things whole wellness


To do your best, you must be your beast.

To be your best, you must know yourself.

To know yourself, you must see yourself — fully.

Every person has the potential to do his or her best.

People at their best change the world.

So together, we help change the world for the better.


Our mission at Full Circle Wellness tools is to help you come Full Circle. We share the power of self-tracking and other awareness tools so you can see yourself as you are, unlock your unique potential, and bring your gifts out into the world.

We want to inspire you to look at yourself through a new lens, to expand your wellness across all aspects of your life so that your are showing up for the world as your fully awesome self.

We’re here to help you get positive results through real and lasting change.



After the birth of her first child, Lindsay and her family left the Silicon Valley for a little town north of San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California. There she embarked on a new adventure on a multi-generational, eco-friendly, 40-acre family homestead. It was there that Lindsay learned she had a love for red tail hawks, windmills, wildflowers and the kind of community where kids flow between families and houses and triumphs and tragedies are shared in the village.

For more than a decade Lindsay experienced mysterious, undiagnosed symptoms. In 2010 she learned that she and her three children had Lyme disease. Now, years after that diagnosis, Lindsay looks back on her Lyme journey with gratitude for all the people in the healing community who put their efforts and love into helping others return to health. It is from this place of service to others who are on a healing journey that the idea for online wellness tracking tools was born.

With her good friend and fellow corporate refugee Aaron Baker by her side, Lindsay conceived of Chronic Tracker:Lyme and then together embarked on the journey of application development and design.

Their goal is to create and provide tools and solutions that assist people on their wellness journey. Their dream is to expand the definition of wellness to include all the factors that are part of a fulfilling life, and to inspire personal and social transformation through increased self-awareness.


Folks who know or meet Aaron remark that his most noticeable quality is his integrity and commitment to truth. This quality has guided him on his life-long journey of self-discovery through different philosophical modalities, through his physical passions of rock climbing, surfing, and bike racing, and through his incessant quest for a sustainable way of life that clearly serves the greater good.

If Aaron was to define a single core belief, it would be that present moment awareness, truly experiencing the fullness, abundance and joy of being alive in each moment, is the true marker of a ‘whole’ person. And though he struggles himself with stepping out of the past and future into the present moment, to the extent that he can work to help himself and others find a path to the present, he feels that he is performing a valuable service to the world.