About lindsay

Lindsay Pera is the co-founder and “Chief Gratitude Officer” of Full Circle Wellness Tools and believes in the power of fostering an authentic inspired relationship with yourself. She strives to share a message of conscious, whole wellness and practical tools for living a healthy, full life you love. Lindsay wants to live in a world where appreciation flows freely, kids play outdoors and lemons are in season year round.

Kayla Kurin

After being diagnosed with CFS at the age of 12, Kayla was embarrassed and frustrated with the limitations of her  diagnoses.  When Doctors couldn’t offer much help, Kayla looked to Yoga and Mindfulness courses geared toward those living with illnesses.  She found both gave her the tools she needed to live the life she wanted.  [...]

Teresa Mazzella

Teresa has found physical healing, peace and much insight after overcoming many struggles and obstacles in her life.  As a result, she has founded her own business and continued to live her life aligned with her core values while being mindful of her truth and desires. She now has a great desire is to help [...]

Colleen Brunetti

After becoming critically ill and diagnoses with Pulmonary Hypertension in 2008, Colleen knew she had to take control of her health and was not going take the Doctor's grim diagnosis for her future. Instead, Colleen went back to her family roots of healthy eating and  eating intuitively – giving your body what it is really asking for, [...]

Wellness Blog post; The question of health

Health encompasses the whole of life and is as vast a subject as the people in pursuit of it. It can include focus on food and dietary rules, or exercise and movement practices, or on the non-physical pursuit of meditation, prayer or mindset. What is this state called health? Our health weaves through our lives [...]

Keri Nola

Keri Nola From the first moment that I sat down to talk with Keri Nola I knew I was in the presence of someone truly special. Keri has the power of a woman who has been a star in her field, the compassion of woman who has known the own depths of the human journey, [...]

Are You Naked Right Now? You Should Be.

What are you doing right now? Can you do it… naked? Are you working on those TPS reports, doing yoga, or headed to a dentist appointment? Go ahead, take it off, take it all off and finish those dishes. Don’t forget to pick up kale and sunless tanner at the grocery store.   Ok, perhaps [...]

Why Surviving Isn’t Healing

I am in awe of Jamie Rautenberg.  Holistic life coach, licensed psychotherapist and spiritual intuitive, Jamie also has an amazing ability to express complex, often challenging ideas in simple, compelling language.  I was so grateful to have one of her articles in Full Circle Wellness Magazine, and am thrilled to be able to offer another [...]

Denial Only Makes Chronic Pain and Illness Worse

Pretending you’re not sick or in pain adds an additional layer of suffering I’ve done my share of denying that I’m chronically ill. It’s tempting to pretend that I’m as healthy as can be, but when I ignore my limitations by staying out too long or by insisting on engaging in activities that are beyond [...]

How your wellness connects to the Earth’s

Chara and I connected earlier this year in a Shift Series interview talking about the Spiritual Side of Healing from Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease and I am excited to have her back as a guest blogger. Chara is a passionate educator and advocate of the importance of right relationship to nature. She is a unique blend of [...]