Chronic Wellness

Power, Purpose & Practice

Growing up on the East Coast I didn’t even know about surfing until I came out to California as a young man just out of high school.  I was more into motorcycles and weightlifting at the time and didn’t really start learning to surf until I was in my sixties. Recently  while taking advantage of [...]

9 Ways Eating Can Become Your New Spiritual Practice

Who among us has time to eat AND meditate? What if the simple act of procuring, preparing and eating food became the perfect medium for spiritual growth? Here are 9 ways you can use food to launch your new journey: 1. Purity: Clean food leads to a clean body. Simple food creates simple health. Wholesomeness [...]

Connection and Gratitude

Being in the presence of a spiritual leader who truly walks his talk has a way of making all the little stuff fall away.  Any petty thoughts or grievances dissipate and it feels like truth enters the room in profound and sometimes intense new ways. Tomas Pinkson is just such a leader and his words [...]


Stuck.  Frustrated. Anxious.  Sad. The truth is we all feel these emotions from time to time and experience in our bodies the discomfort that comes from them. We can feel sluggish, experience pain, stomach tightness, irritability, and even bring on illness when they linger too long. The problem is - what to do about it? [...]

Healing and Transformation through Creative Expression

After I had began to recover from the first year of Wellness disease treatment I was beginning to see real shifts and getting back to a much more “normal” way of life. During one of my bi-annual appointments with a classical homeopath - she asked me a question that really gave me pause. After telling [...]

Lyme and Mood management protocols

Essential Oils.  It’s what everybody in wellness and chronic wellness are talking about.  In fact - the number one question I get asked is “how” I used essential oils to support my recovery from Lyme disease and chronic illness.  (You can read my interview with the fabulous oil maven Libby Louer HERE. You may know [...]

Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos

Everyone who is familiar with my story seems to have a highly idealized scene in their mind.  I quit my job, live in the country, commune with hummingbirds all day, and everything is perfect.  And while a lot of those things are true - the reality is of course - much more….well, REAL. We live [...]

Turning Straw into Gold

Six Common Misconceptions about the Chronically Ill What those who are healthy rarely understand about those who are sick or in pain * As seen in Pyschology Today More often than not, chronic illness and chronic pain go hand-in-hand, so when I use the term “chronically ill,” I’m including people who are in chronic pain. My hope [...]

Sacred Circle of Support

“I’ll do it MY-Self” How many of us can see in our mind’s eye a fierce and (striving to be) independant toddler declaring his or her freedom and beginning to try to exert control over their world by stamping their foot and exclaiming “I do it MY-Self!” The sad thing is - how many of [...]

Ayurveda 101

This week, I'm doing a live Shift chat with Aparna Khanolkar, who I had that wonderful video conversation with a few weeks back. Since Aparna's approach to health and life has deep foundations in the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, I thought I'd do a bit of an introduction to Ayurveda here. It's something that I'm very drawn to, not [...]