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The Power of Mindful Eating

I had the honor of being one of a handful of entrepreneurs who received a sneak preview into Jessie's works almost two years ago and I was smitten from the first moment. Jesse's innate gifts for healing weaves so perfectly with her brilliant intellect and powerful gifts for guiding women to whole wellness. Since that [...]

Your health and your purpose

Chara and I connected earlier this year in a Shift Series interview talking about the Spiritual Side of Healing from Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease and I am excited to have her back as a guest blogger. Chara is a passionate educator and advocate of the importance of right relationship to nature. She is a unique blend of [...]

The gifts + challenges of the Highly Sensitive Person

Lauren Tober is a clinical psychologist and yoga practitioner who has made it her life's work to create positive life ripples and support women's health and transformation journeys. She is also a mom, an artist, an earth goddess and medicine woman all wrapped into one. Lauren's walk in the world includes an inspirational photography project called [...]

Healing Boxes – Tailored Gifts to Warm the Heart

Grace Quantock is healing goddess. Grace first joined us in August as part of our shift series at Chronic Wellness tools. In addition to writing and Speaking Grace works with private clients helping them to break free of what she compassionately calls the “lifestyle of illness." It is my joy to have Grace share with us today [...]

8 Ways to Forgive When You Don’t Want To

Carisa has found a way to use the understanding of personalities to build a framework of how to better interact with those around us to change the way we live our lives. I love Carisa’s outlook and tips on self-care and wellness and I’m sure you will, too. Here’s to balance and happiness… xo Lindsay [...]

The Dark Night Of The Soul

Patty Hayes isn’t afraid to talk about the deep dark ugly realities of heart-ache, loss and recovery. In her upcoming book “Soul Garden Healing” she talks about reclaiming your heart and your light - coming back from the dark night of the soul and finding peace and joy when you feel you’ve been “abandoned by love.” [...]

How Gluten Intolerance Changed My Life Forever

Connie is a breath of fresh air in the realm of health coaches and healing. She shares her path from diagnosis to healing and offers tips and insights for how you can find your way from the store to the pantry to the kitchen to reclaiming your health and vitality after being diagnosed with gluten [...]

Why does your self care need to be connected to Earth care?

Chara Armon From the first moment we connected by phone months ago I knew I had found someone truly unique and magical in the realm of recovery and the healing arts. Chara is a unique blend of incredible “book smarts” with the biggest heart and most beautiful earth loving soul you will ever meet. It [...]