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Ciel Grove


Ciel Look no further to find an inspiration of the highest order of the power of spiritual work to recover from Lyme disease and chronic illness. Ciel is the epitome of light, love and the willingness to look at the spiritual side, the internal quest, to find shift and healing. Talking with Ciel is a [...]

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Susan M Parker


 Susan Parker With all our focus on the realization that true wellness and beauty come from within, I fear we at Full Circle Wellness Tools have overlooked the very necessary conversation about how to enjoy “beauty” products and treatments in a way that is both nourishing, healing, healthy AND lovely. Susan Parker is a pioneer [...]

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Sarah Love McCoy


Sarah Love Hannah McCoy Sarah Love Hannah McCoy is changing the world. What started as a private gifting process, of offering a beautiful hand drawn calendar to her closest friends and family, has grown into a global movement. Building on the success of her beautiful calendars and inspirational art, last year Sarah started "I Stand [...]

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Abigail Eaton Masters


Abigail Eaton Masters is a kind and gentle soul who has known challenge and found her way to overcome and inspire others in a way that feels something like a cross between the smell of cinnamon in the air and the kiss of a butterfly on your cheek. She is at once both gentle and [...]

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George Bryant


Ever crossed paths with someone who’s light and authenticity are so strong that you could spend endless hours just listening to them talk? George Bryant is one such soul. George is a force in the world of health and wellness - bringing outrageously delicious and healthy Paleo recipes to us all via his New York [...]

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Eden Fromberg


Eden Fromberg: Hold on to your hats and count your blessings because we are going on a really powerful journey into wellness with this Shift Series interview. I am so honored to welcome Eden Fromberg to the series Eden is an integrative physician, obstetrician and gynecologist (in New York no less!) who advocates for holistic [...]

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Caitlin Padgett


Caitlin Padgett Alcohol.  It’s a complicated little beastie.  Our relationship to alcohol is so intertwined with so many aspects of our health and wellness from our social patterns, romantic connections, and most powerfully even our connection to our inner “self.” For many of us our relationship to alcohol started with family patterns, childhood experiences and [...]

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Denise Dare


Denise Dare Denise Dare is a self-proclaimed “Happiness” artist.  But don’t be too quick to dismiss the depth and power of what that means.  Denise is a wellness coach, mama, and earth steward and love activist who knows first hand the power of mindset, joy, and mindset on our health and wellbeing. Having lived with [...]

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Jamie Rautenberg


Jamie Rautenberg - When Desperation leads you to Healing (Making Friends with your fear: Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Lyme disease) Jamie’s lifelong journey with the cycles of illness and healing lead her to a place of having an overflowing toolkit of skills and resources to help people cope with illness, addiction and recovery.  Sidelined by [...]

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Dawn K. Gibson


Dawn K. Gibson Hold on to your hats folks because Dawn Gibson is in the house. Dawn’s light shines as bright as a comet so you’ll want to grab a pen, paper and a seat because she has a lot to share. Dawn is a psychotherapist with 15 years experience helping people uncover and heal [...]

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