Chronic Wellness Interviews

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Ashley is ushering in a new generation of wellness beyond green smoothies and juice. After her own early diagnosis with chronic illness, she navigated her way to recovery through traditional holistic treatments and diet. Ashley attributes her healing in part to tracking ("that's how you see what is causing the problems and what [...]

Sharon Otness Foot

Sharon Otness Foot In this interview we explore how Sharon helps people increase their vitality and get the most out of their life. A Fully Vital Life Q: Tell us a little about yourself I have always been involved in the creative fields. First fashion both in merchandising and the agency side booking models. That [...]

Allie Thiess

Allie Thiess Allie Theiss is a Certified Professional Sex Coach, energy specialist, relationship expert as well as a 6th generation intuitive. After she graduated from the University of Akron with a BA in Psychology, she went on to earn professional sex coaching certification from Sex Coach U under the guidance of two world-class sexologists, America’s [...]

Aparna Khanolkar

Aparna Khanolkar Aparna is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor whose unique combination of Ayurvedic treatments, emotional processes, meditation, yoga and food as heart-based medicine leads people to overcome physical and emotional roadblocks that prevent them from fully enjoying life. Learn more at Aparna and Lindsay talk about wellness for your whole being. Learning from motherhood, Ayurveda, [...]

Liz Scully

Liz Scully Liz and Lindsay talk about the power of passion to inspire personal this case Liz's passion for cake. Q: Tell us a little about yourself Well, I’m Irish, I live in India and I spend most of my days coaching and giggling with clients and in between thinking about cake. It’s a [...]

Libby Louer

Libby Louer Libby and Lindsay talk about a range of healing modalities, from conventional to the extraordinary. Libby Louer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Holistic Health Coach. Through following her intuition and trying every bizarre-sounding treatment she could find, she was able to heal completely from Lyme disease. Her mission is to [...]

Ashley Donovan

Ashley Donovan Ashley Donovan is known as the ‘Self Love Nutritionist.’ She is Certified with the Association of American Drugless Practitioners as a Health Coach. She empowers women to stop feeling like an out-of-control, crazy person with food and to start doing things to be happier, feel lighter, and have a more fulfilling life.  Ashley [...]

Jana Kingsford

Jana Kingsford Jana Kingsford is an inspiring lifestyle mentor living down under in Australia. She coaches women on wellness and crafts real world action plans that help people use the time, energy and resources that they have to release overwhelm, clutter, and get "unstuck" in their health or wellness routines. Jana's work has been featured [...]

Natalie Garay

Natalie Garay As a highly intuitive Pilates Educator with a knee-slapping sense of humor, Natalie is applauded for her knowledge and insight of the human body. Natalie has been featured on,,,, and Part 1: Lindsay and Natalie chat about practicing Pilates with soul. Part 2: Natalie helps demonstrate easy movement [...]