Every once in awhile a regular aspect of your life or business become “irregular” in the most magical way.

This interview with REnee Jayne was just that type of magical irregular blessing. It was perfectly  “normal” in the sense that Renee is a practicing health and nutrition coach with a ton to teach and share about holistic, integrated, health and wellness.

The not so everyday aspect of this interview was the instant connection I felt with both Renee and her work. Although she doesn’t bill herself as a “medical intuitive” like me I’m sure you will sense immediately what a powerful and intuitive health advocate she is. More than a coach, she is a holistic “seer” with deeps gifts of intellect, intuition, compassion and light.

Renee is a truma alchemist – helping people move their emotions from where they are stored (or buried) deep within our psyche and our cells – and clear that stuff out so we can claim the reset our bodies, minds and souls so potently crave.


In this interview we talked about

~ Renee’s journey from fast food munching maven (and cigarette smoker) to wellness coach that actually walks her talk

~ The role of nutrition in healing

~ Easy steps for creating SHIFT in your diet and your life

~ The truth about “cleanses” and more

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. It’s a treat when a new friendship and bond is created across the miles brought forward by a shared love of health, personal transformation, and FULL Circle living. Feeling so grateful…..

In gratitude,




Join Lindsay and Renee Jayne as they talk about unlocking healing.


Tell us a little about yourself
I feel fired up to keep shining bright, speaking truth to power and to help people. I’m a mother to Manny – he’s 8. I’m a holistic nutritionist and empathic coach. I love learning, writing. I appreciate my relationships/friendships so much right now.
Tell us about your path to creating your business and your vision
My path started when I was young (8 years old) – I was always listening to people then… helping people, building up their self esteem. Then I got into numbing out through my teens with lots of things and it was primarily the food that sent me to the doctor – often. I was so sick with so many things (migraines, stomach issues, immunity issues, no menstrual cycle and on and on…) All the docs gave me more prescriptions. I finally started changing around my food. Hired my first life coach at age 20 (I’m 38 now) and I’ve been in this space of growing and learning every since. Started my business almost 8 years ago both life coaching and nutrition coaching. I’m an artist that has been in the closet… and I’ve been writing and finally just got serious about publishing. I’m going to put out my first book this year. I build my business mostly from speaking and this year I plan to do that more and to larger audiences. I feel grateful for all the entrepreneurial lessons 🙂
Tell us a little about yourself and your philosophy on wellness:
I believe in aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. I want to get to the root cause. I see perfectionism, addictions, etc as our opportunity to evolve. I think that whole foods, prayer, meditation and yoga every day can make life so much more beautiful. Also, no human being is like another. There is no cookie cutter approach to wellness. It’s about learning to love yourself, know yourself and accept yourself while finding the path that works best for you.
What was the catalyst in your life to fuel your commitment to wellness?
There were a few… being so frustrated with doctors giving me meds and not telling me why I was so sick – one doctor told me that food was a placebo and that it made no difference. Migraine headaches were ruining my life, I had no way to go but up. Also, learning about the politics involved with our food industry, reading the “Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan” when I first came out was a huge catalyst. I was so angry (and still am) and I want to change our food system and how we take care of earth, our body and treat humanity as a whole. This drives me more than anything.
How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?
I have a commitment and habits with food, moving my body, meditation. I never stop learning – my body is always changing so this is necessary. Along with relationships with people I love, artistic, sensual, creative outlets keep me healthy, resilient and vibrant too.
If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?
Eating whole foods each day. Not being perfect at it and yet it is a priority to eat the majority of foods that don’t come in a box each and every day (along with lots of water). This would change everything.
What is your favorite inspirational quote for wellness / awesomeness / thrival?
It’s so challenging to choose one! Here are two that hang by my desk: “You must face annihilation over and over again to find what is indestructible in yourself” – Pema Chodron “Be the heroine of our life, Not the victim.” Nora Ephron
Renee Jayne, CHHP shows people how to feed themselves and love themselves as the creator of Love Yourself NakedⓇ and ‘My Nutrition 360’. She is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Life Coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and teacher. She helps people align their food, feelings and thoughts and is a catalyst for others change. Renee is a writer, speaker and practitioner of many modalities. Renee works with medical doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, high profile business people, couples, families and people who are on their last straw with their health. She has been featured on various television news outlets, and works privately with individuals, groups and corporations locally and internationally. Visit more on her site and reneejayne.com Renee is a mom to Manny, he’s 8. (and partner with Rob Scott)