Over the past year, I’ve been super busy making life changing decisions.

At the very end of April 2014, on a whim, we decided to sell our home. Once this decision was made, there was a lot to do!

We then proceeded to remodel, repair, and paint our home, as we packed everything up and stayed with my parents in one of their bedrooms (with 3 kids). I flew to California for an amazing weekend retreat during this time as well!

We then sold our home before it went on the market, moved our belongings into storage, went on a 10 day vacation out of state, moved our things out of storage the morning after we returned from our vacation, as I continued to work with private clients, and take care of our three children.

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With all that’s been going on, it should have been one of the most stressful times in my life.
In fact, in the past, this would have sent me over the edge into a whirlwind of stress and craziness.

But to be honest, the last 2 months have been filled with ease, grace, and flow for the MOST part (there have been a few bumps), and I know exactly why.
My next love note to you will be about how I create magic and massive manifestation in my own life and how you can, too.

In the meantime, I’d like to offer you some simple ways that I’ve been able to maintain calm in my life through stressful times like this (most of the time-hey, I’m human, too) and what you can do, too.


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If you only learn ONE thing from me, I sincerely hope that it is to listen to your body and to breathe!  What the heck does “listen to your body” mean?
Stop to check-in with your physical body to just see what is there.
Do you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, sad?
Where do you feel it in your body?
What’s the physical sensation?

BE with it, no matter what IT is.

Allow the energy (feelings are simply energy) to move through you in the present moment as you breathe deeply, and it will pass quickly.


If you feel tired, then rest.
If you feel energetic, then “do.”

Most of us have moments of feeling expansive and wanting to go “out,” and feeling contracted and wanting to be “in.”
It takes little effort to tune in to see where you are at any give time.
It takes a lot of effort for some to follow the guidance your body has to offer.

Keep in mind that everyone has an opinion about your situation or what you should do.
However, the more in tune you become with YOUR rhythms, the easier it will be to set the boundaries needed to care for yourself.

After all, YOU are the only one who can make decisions for yourself and trust your body.
By trusting the rhythms of your body and life, you can stay in the flow and enjoy the ease and calm in any given situation.


When you have a lot going on, which most moms do, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of your own life.

One of the best practices I’ve been engaging in is meditating.

I may not create space for meditation every single day, AND when I do, it helps me get centered and ready for my busy day.
Not only that, it connects me spiritually and I receive tons of intuitive guidance during these quiet times.

I always leave my meditation space feeling refreshed, creative, and spiritually filled up.

For you, taking time for yourself may be as simple as drinking a cup of tea, taking an extra long shower, sitting outside in nature and observing the birds, or just being in the present moment.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just DO IT, even if only for 5 minutes.


Yeah, yeah. I know–you’ve heard it before, and it is true.
When you focus on what you hate about your life or what is stressing you out in life, it only expands and that is ALL you see around you.

I'm grateful for these little guys!

When you take a few moments to offer one gratitude for your life, eventually you begin to see so many things you didn’t recognize before, and again, they expand.

Just start with one per day.
Are you pissed at your partner or children? Then think of ONE thing you love and appreciate about them.
Are you overwhelmed at work? Then search for ONE thing you appreciate about your job.

It’s truly that simple and it is a practice.


For goodness sakes, get support! If someone offers it to you, then TAKE it!
If you desire support, then ASK FOR IT. What a novel idea!;)

It’s great that you are a giver and there are times  that it is best to receive from others.
Receiving (love, support, money, intimacy, etc…) seems one of most difficult things that many women face, so you are not alone.
My past self can relate to this as well.


My mom helped out a lot while our home was in disarray and I am so grateful for that.

I also have to admit, when it came to fixing up the house, I outsourced ALL of the projects. I hate painting, so I paid someone else to do it.
It may have impacted our bank account temporarily and it was worth every penny.

If you are struggling with parenting or in partnership, or with lack of confidence, then ask for help!
Support is available to you if you just OPEN up and allow it into your life.


It is SO important to create space in your life for women who will love you unconditionally, listen, support you, and who you can support.

Women offer women something that your partner or husband just can’t fill. We need one another.

Look around you and see who you are attracting into your life. Are they generally positive or negative? Are they full of complaints? If so, it is time to take a look in the mirror and see what is going on within you that continues to bring draining people into your life.

Relationships with women can be magical, supportive, co-creative, and uplifting.

Mystics 6 editI want that for you.
This support will assist you in times of need and you will have the opportunity to give to them as well.

I lived much of my life as a “glass is half-empty girl” and I was miserable and constantly in crisis.
I’m happy to say that I am now a “glass is half-full girl” and I have attracted wonderful friends and have co-created several communities of conscious and spiritual women who I can turn to when I need a little extra emotional support.

Surround yourself with women who will lift you up in times of need, rather than drag you down or compete with you. They are out there…I promise.


My mentor and amazing friend, Lindsay Pera (http://lindsaypera.com/about/), has been teaching me about living the beauty way.

Look for the beauty in the world and see the reflection of the beauty within you.

Maybe it’s a flower or the way your child laughs. Maybe it’s that gorgeous painting you just bought. Maybe it’s a couple of gorgeous singing bowls.

Singing Bowls 2

Start seeing the beauty in the world as a reflection of your inner beauty and begin to appreciate ALL parts of you.
Next time you are out and about, slow down, stay present, and look around you. You might be surprised at what you’ve been missing.

Now, when I’m choosing to purchase an item, I will only by it if it is beautiful and functional.

This practice will also bring more peace, love, and beauty into your life.


Create a place where you can go when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
Set up the space with objects or pictures that automatically calm your nervous system.
When you feel irritable or overwhelmed, visit this space physically or mentally as you take some deep breaths.


I cannot say enough about this topic.

I swam competitively from age 9 through most of college. I worked out very hard through my high school and college years as I dealt with an eating disorder (from which I’ve healed).

I don’t enjoy traditional exercise anymore, so I stopped doing it.
When you don’t move your body, you stay stagnant (yes, that happened to me on some level).

Movement is SO important! I’ve been looking for ways to move my body that feel both pleasurable and like a workout.

I LOVE to dance. I used to go out almost every night of the week in my 20s to get my groove on.:)

Well, I have no desire to go clubbing anymore at the age of 42, so I started having dance parties for me, myself, and I (and my kids when they’re around) on a regular basis.
I started small with 10 minutes per day. Even that small amount of time made a difference in my mood and my body.

Lindsay Pera (yes, I love her) mentioned Qoya (www.loveqoya.com)  to me a couple of months ago when I was talking to her about the shifts I’m making in my business and life. It piqued my interest and I finally attended my first class this week.

It was incredible.

It was the perfect combination of sensuality, dancing, spirituality, yoga, tarot, connecting with like-minded women, and a workout in disguise. And their philosophy resonates with me on so many levels.

Qoya is now part of my regular self-care practice and I plan to attend some of their training so I can incorporate more of these practices into my personal life and my group work with women!


I live in Austin, Texas where some summers it gets to be well over 100 degrees.
Needless to say, I don’t enjoy the heat so I’ve spent a lot of time inside and as a result, I’ve been seriously disconnected from nature.

Recently I was encouraged by some wise women in my circle to reconnect with nature in a way that I never have before.
Now, I’m really seeing the beauty of the insects, animals, and plants and when I’m outside, I feel so open, expansive, and grounded.

dolphin pic

When I was at the beach recently, during meditation, I opened my eyes just in time to observe a dolphin swimming close to shore, a crab attempting to hide from the birds, and I received a loud visit from a grackle.
In the past, I would have simply enjoyed these moments briefly without another thought.

Now, I take the time to sit with these creatures and I open to the messages they’re offering me.

If you don’t love the outdoors where you live, then bring the nature inside.

I’ve done this as well.

I’ve always had gemstones and rocks, but now I have a new appreciation for them. I’ve started buying flowers for myself–just because–and I’m currently in the process of buying plants for my new home.


I could go on and on about this subject, so I think I will stop with that. I hope this gives you a place to start. If you only choose one practice on this list, I invite you to choose the body check-ins!

As always, I want to hear from you!
I’d love to know what you do to stay calm in the eye of the storm.
Leave a comment below!

With Love and Consciousness,


Dawn Gibson

Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW is a Somatic Psychospiritual Therapist, Speaker, and Founder of Mindful Mothering. She guides you to Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become by helping you heal trauma, childhood issues, and generational patterns you don’t want to pass down to your daughter, so that we can raise the next generation of powerful women leaders.

Dawn utilizes 17 years of professional experience to gently guide you through her effective and unique Sacred Body Wisdom Method where she integrates body-centering practices, psycho-spiritual rituals, mindfulness, energetics, and divine feminine dance. To learn more about Dawn, visit: www.dawnkgibson.com, then join Be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become Facebook community  at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/BetheWoman