What are you doing right now? Can you do it… naked? Are you working on those TPS reports, doing yoga, or headed to a dentist appointment? Go ahead, take it off, take it all off and finish those dishes. Don’t forget to pick up kale and sunless tanner at the grocery store.


Ok, perhaps this is not a very realistic scenario unless you live on a commune in South Dakota (I hear the Dakotas get pretty crazy).


Let’s get real for a second. Do you like your body? Most people will say no. You may say, “ Sure I like my body, but I wish my breasts were bigger, my hips were more narrow, my booty was perkier, and my lips were fuller.” That is an awful lot of wishing.


Your body is your home. It is where you live.

You cannot buy a new one or rent out a second one in a more exotic location a few times a year. This is it, my friend, take care of it. Every thing you put in it, on it, and expose it to matters. Think about how hard your body works every single day to keep you moving and shaking. Don’t you think you should cut her a break and treat her with respect?


Your body tells the epic story of you. The scar on your elbow tells the story of how you fell off the monkey bars protecting your little sister from the evil playground pirate. Your long, graceful fingers first belonged to your grandmother before she passed them on to you to continue her story. Your strong legs carry you where you need to go. Your sexy collarbone that is jewelry enough and your hips that demand attention when you walk by are your signature. Love your body for telling your story with all of its imperfections, all of its quirks, all its highs and lows, defined shoulders and stretch marks, and all its incredible capabilities. Your story is the only thing that lives on.


Think about how differently people would feel if everyone went about their day in the nude. Our perspective on what a human body should look like would be a lot different if we were spending more time looking at naked Ted in the office down the hall or naked Katherine at kickboxing and less time looking at the bodies we see on TV and in magazines. Next time you see Ted and picture him naked, give him a high five, because he’s a human dammit, just like you.


I have a challenge for you. Get effing naked. Close your blinds and spend an hour naked. Cleaning, answering emails, or having a dance party are just a few of the limitless tasks you can try in your birthday suit. Get comfortable with you, all of you. It may feel awkward at first (especially when the FedEx man knocks on the door), but make peace with your body. Get comfy, have fun, and remember – you only get one so learn to love the hell outta that sexy bitch.

head thumbMegan Sicheri is a Fitness Coach who has a passion for helping women find their inner and outer badass. She believes that by using fitness as a foundation, all women can achieve confidence, happiness, and still enjoy a cocktail. In her spare time you can find her playing in the kitchen, perusing farmer’s markets, and laughing at her own jokes. Come get your glow on and learn how to make fitness a permanent lifestyle: http://megansicheri.com/.