Clair Hayes

EFT is the trendy new kid on the wellness scene.  Everyone is talking about it, big stars are singing its praises and books and youTube videos are becoming hugely popular.  All for good reason.  EFT has been a surprising and powerful component of my healing and transformative journey and I am so honored to share with you in this interview my own guide and practitioner, Claire Hayes. Claire is an author, a dancer, a mom, a healer and a divine light that I feel SO blessed to have been able to work with. In our chat together she shares the basics of the transformtaional power of EFT, gives you lots of great tips on where to get started, and even includes a bonus grounding and centering exercise you can do with us, or do on your own, anytime, to access the deep innner healing and calm that is your birthright.  It is my deep pleasure introduce to you Claire Hayes.  Enjoy…xo Lindsay

Claire and Lindsay are talking about Self-transformation and healing through EFT.

 Self-transformation and healing through EFT

Q. Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a self transformation coach and author of “Everyday Happiness: Self Transformation that Really Works”.  I specialize in helping people achieve their dream.

Q. Tell us about your path to creating your business and your vision

A former dancer and choreographer, I came to energy work from a rich, experiential body consciousness, reaching deeply into the ways in which we express ourselves physically and emotionally in an intuitive, interior dance of the heart.

I also worked for ten years as a Shiatsu practitioner, so  I have a deep understanding of the role of the meridians, and have also worked with self development as part of the human potential movement.
What I do with EFT, is bring all the above richness of experience and learning into one simple whole.   I see how people hold themselves back and I just want to help open the flow of their energy.  I love guiding entrepreneurs because the business path brings up all the blocks to wellness and spiritual wholeness  of being human!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your philosophy on wellness:

My philosophy on wellness is the same as my philosophy on happiness.
I  believe that having tools to help oneself and putting them into practice, is the key to both.

I define wellness or happiness (are they different?) as “being able to be present with the reality of what is, so that you can deal with negatives and celebrate positives”.

So the philosophy and practice is about being in relationship with the journey, so you are never stuck in the mire…

Q. What was the catalyst in your life to fuel your commitment to wellness?

To be honest, as I get older I find my body needs a little more love!
I have been blessed with good health most of my life… but the nudges are getting clearer with time.

So now my commitment is fueled (to be honest) by fear of not being able to touch my toes, use a keyboard, or run and dance when I want as much as anything more profound!

The upside of that vision is the joy of independence and physical expression.

Q. How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

Probably not as well as I should or could but I do  have some not- negotiables!

I have a morning routine which includes being outside, Qi Kung and also meditation and tapping.  I also do use affirmations every morning.

I also commit to using EFT Tapping on myself when I am stuck and going to my practitioner to clear deeper issues.

My diet is a constant companion of “not quite good enough” and ditto for aerobic exercise, but I do dance – a lot!

Q. If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

Well, as an EFT Tapping practitioner, I would want to say “tap”, as you can even do it in your head lying in bed.  You just need the energy to focus on your issue for long enough. You can also do it on your own for free (this is the focus of my book-  self transformation – not paying someone else for transformation!)

The second thing is to try and physically feel the support of the Earth and the inspiration from the Heavens with your in and out breath.  Whether you need more nourishment and support (Earth) or hope and inspiration (Heavens) – you can do it all in one focussed breath cycle.

The third thing is to try and go outside and breathe in some fresh air and be aware of Nature.

Q. What is your favorite inspirational quote for wellness / awesomeness / thrival?

“At dawn, the moon appeared
and swooped down from the sky to look at me.
Like a falcon hunting a meal,
the moon grabbed me and away we went!
I looked for my self, but my self was gone:
In the moon, by grace, my body became like soul.
Luminous, I journeyed on as soul,
until the mystery of Self and self was clear.
Nine shimmering heavens mingled in that moon,
and the boundaries of my being disappeared in the sea.”


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