I am so honored to welcome Eden Fromberg to the series! Eden is an integrative physician, obstetrician and gynecologist who advocates for holistic living, movement as medicine and believes in the power of nature and our innate bodies wisdom for healing.

Eden is here today to share with us on activating the healing process.

In gratitude and more…

The capacity to heal lies within each of us, but activating the healing process often feels obscure and out of reach in our fast-paced daily lives. Health challenges can be inconvenient, but they are also a call for action and reflection and can present a wonderful opportunity for developing inner awareness and supportive resources.

Potential resources for healing are abundant, but consulting a medical system that reduces our health care options to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery is like calling the fire department – be prepared to have them break down the windows and doors and leave behind a big mess. Sometimes that’s what we need when illness is serious and life-threatening, but we now live in an era where chronic lifestyle-related illness is becoming the norm. Moreover, many female and gynecological illnesses are skyrocketing within our modern, stressful lifestyles, taking place in environments that deplete rather than nourish us.

So what can we do?

Prevention and a holistic, functional, energetic, truly biointelligent approach to the body is what is necessary, and it is what research is increasingly proving to be more effective with fewer risks and side effects than more limited conventional medical approaches. We are on the verge of a new paradigm in health, wellness, and medicine in which coherence, biointelligence, holism, and communication are all essential elements. Everyone has unique health challenges, lifestyles, and orientations, and personalized, individual approaches rooted in holistic, functional solutions can best address this diversity.

Now how do we do this?

The fundamentals include nutrition, movement, and resilience. Give your mind and body the time and space they need to rest and recover, and if this is foreign to you, start to teach your body how to relax and restore sustainable rhythms in your life. Realize that any mental sluggishness, even depression, is a reflection of the state of the physical body as well. Eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of water and mineral-rich broths. Explore and address nutritional depletions, with supplements if necessary. Even if you have no energy, you can move and amp up your proprioceptive inner awareness—your internal GPS system—using low-impact connective tissue-based techniques, elastic bands, or the hands of a skilled bodyworker or acupuncturist.

Most of all, remember: the capacity to heal lies within us all.

Dr. Eden FrombergEden Fromberg, DO, FACOOG, DABIHM, is an integrative obstetrician, gynecologist, and osteopathic clinical professor whose innovative approach to reframing the medical dialogue and implementing effective health and wellness strategies has healed, treated, and supported women around the world.

Dr. Eden Fromberg bio
Eden Fromberg, DO, FACOOG, DABIHM is a leading integrative obstetrician, gynecologist, and osteopathic clinical professor. Merging the science of traditional medicine with the intuitive foundations of biointelligence, Dr. Fromberg creates a paradigm of modern health by inviting individual participation, engaging alternative modalities, and reconnecting mind, body, spirit, and surrounding through nutrition, movement, and stress-reduction. She has worked in collaboration with midwives and birth centers from New York City to Bali, including 2011 CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim, to support culturally sensitive childbirth practices around the world. Dr. Fromberg is the founding director of Lila, a unique yoga, dharma, and wellness center in downtown Manhattan and was featured in the critically acclaimed 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born.