Please tell us about your magical healing powers.

My gift is in my ability to create magical and transformative moments and experiences. I am both a practical former corporate strategy girl with a wild mystic intuitive flair and I thrive in relationships and situations where I can blend both. I can see a path to healing as easily as I can see the way around anything that might be blocking your path to freedom, joy and abundance. I adore helping moms find what I call “third doors” – that alternative scenario that is “neither a nor b ” where everything flows and the answers and path forward just become effortless, fun and crystal clear. I love energy and 8’s and crystals as much as I love a good app and spreadsheet – and feel so grateful that I live in a world where both are valued and transformative tools as our disposal.


Please tell us about your home team.

10 years ago we left the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley to move to the wine country in the California Central Coast. We purchased a 40 acre property nestled among vineyards and set about creating a family eco-homstead. We build our dream house – an entirely eco-friendly straw-bale house that uses the sun to heat and cool, has stunning organic clay walls and even moonstone and natural pebbles poured into the counter tops. It’s my idea of heaven. My husband is a firefighter who still works up in the Bay Area, so having my parents (and often my in-laws too!) in their own houses on the property is such a blessing. We have three kids, Sage (14), Cricket (9) and Ember (4)….and a barnyard with a motley crew of animals including a llama, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and more. I run my businesses from my home-office and take calls and meetings on the hill with the hawks overhead and the flickers darting in the trees and the kids running around on the land (we have 4 tree swings so there is never a “bored” moment. :-) This is true entrepreneurial / mama freedom and I feel so thankful to be walking this way in the world.



Besides your work, what else are you passionate about?

After my youngest daughter was born here at home with severe neurological challenges, we traveled the state trying to learn what she was facing and find out how to help her. It led us to specialists many different veins of both traditional and alternative medicine – only to finally learn that she had Wellness disease – contracted in utero from me – and that I had passed it to my other two children as well. The journey ahead to recovery and healing was a very rough one. So on the darkest of days over 4 years ago I surrendered into the moment and handed it all over to the Universe committing only to sharing ONE gratitude a day. I’ve used Facebook and shared a single gratitude every single day. I’m on day 352 of 365 of my fourth year. This fall I will start on my fifth year and I LOVE sharing with others the incredible transformative power of Gratitude for healing, finding your true path, and navigating your path to ultimate freedom.

How do you take care of yourself?

Self-care is absolutely critical – even though I can struggle to make sure I give it the time it deserves just like everyone. But I am 100% committed to what I call “my core routines.” That means every day I start my day with quiet and silence. Time for meditation and intentions (even if it has to be just 5 minutes!), I walk up to my hill, do a little movement, and then start my day from that place of grounding, love and gratitude. We eat really well, spend a lot of time outside in nature, and put a lot of energy into and derive a lot of pleasure from connection with our local community. We have aunties and uncles around to support each other and collectively share the work of projects, carpool and more. Because the ultimate self-care in my book is knowing when to say when, how to NOT do too much, and knowing how and when to ask for help. And ultimately how to RECEIVE it as well.


Anything else you’d like to share about your work or otherwise?

If I could shout one thing from every hilltop it would be “to not stay stuck!” So many people are resigned to being _______ (fill in the blank: whether it be sick, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, financially broke, alone, in a loveless life or marriage etc etc). I want to shake them and say “please please don’t stay stuck!” Find a mentor, start journaling, use a tracker to learn more about your patterns and what serves you and what doesn’t (I like Shift ;-) but whatever you do don’t settle! Tiny steps today can make BIG changes down the road. So even the tiniest effort could mean everything to moving yourself toward your dreams. You deserve it. Don’t stay stuck.


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

What will you do with your one and precious life?
― Mary Oliver

or perhaps

If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
― Meister Eckhart


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