Lindsay-Pera-_-fieldI’m not sure how I didn’t know who Martha Beck is until a couple of weeks ago.  I guess because I don’t have television…but if you do know of her, then you know that she is Oprah’s “favorite” life coach and is featured ALL over the place sharing insights and tips for wellness and creating a life you love.

Since I first heard her name earlier this month I cannot believe how many times someone has mentioned her to me, or mentioned something about her work or philosophy.  (I’m feeling like a dope under a Wellness rock for not learning about her sooner!)  Along the way I’ve learned some amazing things about this Oprah favorite and wellness celebrity….

Surprising facts about Martha Beck

1761_beck_martha1. She’s has experience with chronic illness! ~ A guest at my Facebook [link] party last week shared in our online scavenger hunt that Martha has Fibromyalgia and has managed chronic pain since her teens…

2. She’s my neighbor! ~ Martha has recently moved to my lovely home ~  the Central Coast of California near San Luis Obispo to a little town called Arroyo Grande…

3. She tracks! ~ Our local television station KSBY shared a short clip [] with Martha celebrating her move to the Central Coast where she revealed that she is an avid tracker, and uses her intuition as a guide.  (She likens animal tracking to life tracking and call synchronicities “hot tracks” that help guide you on your life journey – how cool is that?)

But some of the things I learned about this famed wellness advocate have warmed me even more…who knew she was a veteran “Chronic Wellness” advocate!?!

For example:

~ She encourages people to “know themselves” better as a path to wellness []

~ She sees her pain as an indicator that can give her clues to when she is on path and fulfilling her “destiny” and when she needs to listen more closely to her body and make adjustments

~ She sees her diagnosis as a tool for transformation, and not as a limiting factor to her ability to lead a full – and let’s face it! – Oprah-fabulous! life inspiring and lifting others

~ She even has a committed SELF-TRACKING PRACTICE(!!!!) [

She knows that tracking herself helps her SEE what works for her and what doesn’t!  Of course I think she could upgrade her process with an amazing app that does it all for you (ahem….I just happen to know a gal who created just such an app that you can try out HERE)…but overall I am so excited to know that someone with the audience and influence that Martha has is advocating so many of the things that mean so much to me and that I work so hard to share will you all.

It’s validating and inspiring all at the same time!

In closing  – one of the sweetest little insights she shared in the TV spot about learning from bears on her property.

bear tracks“People think that bears will walk in a straight line. But instead they walk in circles a lot. And so does your path in life.” ~ Martha Beck

In her interview Martha goes on to share that just because you may find yourself off the path – it doesn’t have to mean you have lost your purpose.  That’s what I love about tracking and wellness – that it is a tool to do all those things:

~ help you know yourself better

~ see what is working for you

~ and help you get back on track, and stay on track when you need it most

Someday I may run into her at a local tracking event or health food store (are you listening Universe?…hint hint…) – but until then I’ll secretly think of her as our most famous advocate of “Chronic Wellness.” Now to turn Oprah on to tracking…..hmm…. :-

Whether you use a journal, a spreadsheet or an app, tracking is a fundamental key to your full circle / chronic wellness journey.  I hope you’ll share with us how you use “tracking” to know yourself better in the comments.  Until then….hope to see you on the trail…