Lindsay-Pera-_-fieldWe have launched a new interview series showcasing rising stars in the world of health and wellness and the young lady I spoke to this week shared that she first started experiencing night waking from severe pain when she was just 7 years old. Sadly, her doctors and parents “didn’t believe” her, instead telling her that she was “making it up,” ”just looking for attention,” and to “get over it” — at 7 years old! It took 15 years before she finally get the support she needed and experienced her first pain-free moments since childhood.

This story, common to way too many, highlights that one of the most important things for healing and growth is support from others. We must find ways to overcome the isolation that often results when we try to change, to become more who we are meant to be. We overcome that isolation by learning how to reach out, and make connection, with the right people in new ways that may not have seemed possible before. And this means being willing to give support as well.

It is so important that we keep raising awareness and sharing the love and support for all of us seeking change, healing, and growth. Too many of us have been ignored, limited, or told to get over it, settle down, it’s “all in our heads.” No person should have to find their way without love and support.

Natalie Garay, founder of Natalie and “Pilates with Soul,” understands the importance of human connection for growth and wellness.  Natalie herself has been an unwavering supporter of our campaign to spread “Chronic Wellness” and generously shared this beautiful post with us all today.

Enjoy – and thank you Natalie.

xo ~ Lindsay


Natalie Garay


NatalieGarayCan you think of someone who had a helping hand in getting you on a path you never thought you’d be on?

I was just sitting hear thinking about a friend who has played a big role in helping me accomplish some projects I’ve been working on lately.

I came to the conclusion that without her, none of it would have come to fruition. It made me think about what I would be doing right now instead.

It’s Incredible that the presence of one person in our life can change the whole course of our life.

We meet so many people in our lifetime who influence us, and maybe at the time we don’t realize its happening. And maybe there’s even one person we wish we hadn’t met, but if we think about it, we met them for a reason, too, they were a part of our molding process.

My friend was a loving, encouraging voice when I needed it. She listened. She encouraged. She believed.

And that, my friends, is it all takes. She believed. It was exactly what I needed. I believe it’s what we all need in order to soar.

Think about it. If someone stood in your corner to root for you, and help you combat doubt and fear, wouldn’t you move forward with that crazy dream you have? I think yes.

Sound like something you would want? Start by being an encouraging voice or presence in someone’s life today.

How can you help someone soar?

If each of us did that for one person I think we could really start something here.

Believe in someone. Believe in yourself. Be encouraged.

As a highly intuitive Pilates Educator with a knee-slapping sense of humor, Natalie is applauded for her knowledge and insight of the human body. Natalie has been featured on,,,, and