Grace Quantock is a true healing goddess. She knows what it is like to be “on the 18th page of Google at 3 o’clock in the morning” searching for answers.

She knows what it is like to have suffered from the whiplash of the contrast between resisting diagnosis and feeling all consumed by it.

She knows what it takes to find the hope and courage to break free from the confines of illness and instead align yourself to the powerful blessings in the journey.

I first met Grace when we were both working on developing our core messages of inspiration and hope for the chronic illness community two years ago, and it has been a true honor to watch her expand into her voice and her gifts and claim her leadership in the global healing community.

In addition to writing and Speaking, (return later to see her amazing TED Talk here) Grace works with private clients helping them to break free of what she compassionately calls the “lifestyle of illness” – wherein we give up our hopes, aspirations and dreams to succumb to the sometimes grave realities of being sick.

Grace inspires the return of hope and light for all those she touches via practices and methods that help reconnect us to our creative forces, our inner light and our true nature.

It is with humble gratitude that I welcome Grace Quantock to the Shift Series. Inspiration awaits….

In gratitude,

Lindsay and Grace talk about Stop trying to “Overcome” your “Illness”.

Tell us a little about yourself

I work as an award-winning international wellness expert, coach, author, motivational speaker, certified Reiki master and spiritual response therapy practitioner. I’m the founder of Healing Boxes CIC and The Phoenix Fire Academy. And a Future Young Leader of Wales Award recipient and have been featured in The Hay Festival, Positive News, Gala Darling and The Times of London,
I’m living – and thriving – with often debilitating illness, I know, firsthand, the emotional and physical rollercoaster that accompanies diagnosis and life struggle. I love reading, gardening, painting, horses and early mornings. I firmly believe that life is meant to be celebrated, and have made it my mission to help others do just that …joyfully and on their own terms.

What is your philosophy on healing or overcoming health challenges.

My philosophy on healing is that the challenges, disabilities, illnesses, griefs and pains we manage can simply be the footnote of our lives. We are the real adventure stories.
That we aren’t broken – we’re breaking boundaries,
I believe that healing is a process, as is life. That there is no degree, no doctor, no class, no place, no country, no social class, no app, no practice which can insulate us from pain and struggle inherent in nature. But instead of running from the reality of it, we can learn to meet it and manage it.
If you can turn crisis into opportunity, if you can fall, but dive while you’re there, if you can know yourself enough to emerge, if you can, in fact, recognise when these struggles are occurring in the first place, acknowledge them and choose to work with them, the you are building something that could one day save your life.

How have you used adversity in your life to fuel your commitment to balance and wellness?

I have used adversity as an invitation to develop my resilience.
If illness de-rails your plans and throws your life upside down, it can be an opportunity to examine the track you were on, and where you really want to be heading.
When your identity feels like it’s falling away along with everything you knew before diagnosis. Then in that unasked for, uninvited but potent place, what if you allow the fires of destruction to be your very own Phoenix fire. Emerging more beautiful even than before.

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

With a deep connection to my body, dedicated practices which fuel and ground me and a fantastic support team.

What tips do you recommend for your clients dealing with / healing from illness?

Creating a Healing Passport.
Choose Option 2.
Come home to your body.
Often people are very nervous of their tumultuous emotions – but many times feeling angry, jealous of people who aren’t dealing with illness, sometimes a relief at being diagnosed as it means there is a reason why you are feeling so ill, all these are totally understandable and common reactions.
Emotions can move through us like a storm – arising suddenly and startling in their power. Working with them, accepting them as happening, listening to and expressing them whether in a journal, in art or to a trusted friend, therapist or wellness coach can help the emotions to actually move through you rather than getting stuck and sticking around as repeated thought patterns.

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

To listen to your body and what it needs in this moment.

What is your favorite inspirational quote for healing?

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”
― Rachel Naomi Remen

G Headshot 2014 Scarf 1-1Grace Quantock – Trail Blazing Wellness Provocateur, Writer, Speaker, Social

Twitter: @Grace_Quantock and @Healing_Boxes