Full Circle Wellness Interviews

Kevin Peer

I couldn’t be more grateful that Kevin and I crossed paths. This interview was a refreshing journey away from the tactical aspects of chronic illness and recovery and into the subtle realms of mindset, context and story. These are three things that anyone can access, from anywhere, on any budget - but that have the [...]

Robin Ray Green

Robin Ray Green Heal Your Child from the Inside Out Sleep issues. Allergies. Sensitivities. Eczema. Asthma. Coughs. Ear infections. The stark truth is that too many of our children are falling between the cracks of America’s less than stellar approach to pediatric medicine. Studies show that more and more kids are being medicated for ever [...]

Lane Kennedy

In 1996 Lane was living in Hollywood Hills, thought she was living the perfect life. But between depression and alcohol Lane had stopped showing up to work and her health was failing.   After a few years of sobriety her health worsened with no relief from specialists and doctors.   She self educated and turned to meditation [...]

Melanie and Robert Sachs

Robert and Melanie Sachs run Diamond Way Ayurveda together in San Luis Obispo, CA.   Robert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, massage therapist, yoga instructor, student Eastern spiritual and healing traditions. Melanie has been featured in numerous spa and health magazines and is a frequent presenter at healing and spa conferences worldwide. While they both [...]

Lisa Wolfe

Lisa Wolfe is multi-passionate educator and guide who coaches creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs toward more alignment, connection and guidance in their lives.    As a serial entrepreneur and tireless researcher, she is committed to transferring skills and knowledge to others to help guide them to a more congruent, joy-filled, fulfilling life. Lisa is passionate about helping others [...]

Kayla Kurin

After being diagnosed with CFS at the age of 12, Kayla was embarrassed and frustrated with the limitations of her  diagnoses.  When Doctors couldn’t offer much help, Kayla looked to Yoga and Mindfulness courses geared toward those living with illnesses.  She found both gave her the tools she needed to live the life she wanted.  [...]

Teresa Mazzella

Teresa has found physical healing, peace and much insight after overcoming many struggles and obstacles in her life.  As a result, she has founded her own business and continued to live her life aligned with her core values while being mindful of her truth and desires. She now has a great desire is to help [...]

Colleen Brunetti

After becoming critically ill and diagnoses with Pulmonary Hypertension in 2008, Colleen knew she had to take control of her health and was not going take the Doctor's grim diagnosis for her future. Instead, Colleen went back to her family roots of healthy eating and  eating intuitively – giving your body what it is really asking for, [...]

Keri Nola

Keri Nola From the first moment that I sat down to talk with Keri Nola I knew I was in the presence of someone truly special. Keri has the power of a woman who has been a star in her field, the compassion of woman who has known the own depths of the human journey, [...]

Scott Forsgren

Scott Forsgren of “Better Health Guy” was one of the first beacons of light I found in the online health world when I first found myself adrift in the abyss of chronic illness. When I was first diagnosed I joined all the relevant “Yahoo Groups” and online communities focused on symptoms and diagnosis. Like so [...]